Deadweight Strength

Death of Gym Culture, Birth of a Training Center

San Diego Powerlifting and Strongman Gym

This is an unstaffed 24 hour access facility. Memberships run from one day to one year. Drop in members are always welcome. Go to our membership page and sign up online.

Deadweight Strength is your liberation from mediocre training in San Diego. A stronghold of serious lifters who are seeking refuge from fitness zombies across the city. Built for those who were exiled from commercial gyms but don't belong in a “box.”

“Give me your powerlifters, your strongmen, your huddled masses yearning to lift free.”

Workout Wednesdays

 Current group coaching takes place every week on Wednesdays from 5:30 PM to 7:00PM. There are two workout options. HIIT and Powerlifting techniques. You can choose the workout you want when you arrive.

Weekly group coaching sessions are billed monthly, four sessions at a time. The fee is $160 a month and can by PURCHASED BY CLICKING HERE. The $160 also includes the monthly 24 hour access membership. Drop in rates are available as well. The overall cost of training will always include the membership rate.

This page is still under construction, the schedule and pricing are current. Call our group coach Tiffany at (804) 400-7166 for questions/details.

Individual Coaching

Individual sessions/ coaching are based on availability in the training schedule. Individual sessions are purchased in monthly packages. The following options are available: (1) Per session, (2) Month to month, (3) 3 Months, and (4) 6 Months. Online purchase options will be available soon. Please ask about our military discounts. If you have questions about scheduling and appointment to determine which option would be best for you, please call Tiffany @ 804-400-7166. The overall cost of training will always include the membership rate.

Styles of Training:

  • General Fitness

  • Sport/ Activity Specific

  • Corrective Exercise/ Rehabilitation

  • Power lifting

  • Olympic lifting

  • Kettlebell

Tiffany Artis  B.S. Exercise Physiology, CSCS, HKC, Stretch Therapist

Tiffany Artis

B.S. Exercise Physiology, CSCS, HKC, Stretch Therapist

Tiffany “Tiff” Artis is a Virginia native, and has been coaching/ training since 2009. She has been an athlete her entire life playing all sports. Tiff played NCAA Division III Women’s Basketball at Christopher Newport University (Newport News, VA), and later transferred to Virginia Commonwealth University (Richmond, VA). During her time at VCU she worked with the Sports Performance Department coaching NCAA Division I level athletes. While working with her mentors at VCU, she acompeted in Powerlifting competitions. Performance programming became one of her strengths during this time, and has since become one of the many reasons her clients continue to get results.

After graduating from VCU in 2011, Tiff moved to Washington D.C. where she soon opened her first company, RealTraining LLC. Her fitness company became a success very quickly with the support of the community in the DMV area. She has trained and mentored many trainers while operating RealTraining LLC, and continues to do the same here in San Diego.

Real Results is Tiffany’s second company, and she has already gotten very involved with the community here in San Diego. Her overall mission here is to create an open environment for all levels of fitness to feel as though they can share a space that is encouraging, empowering, and uplifting. Whether she is helping clients with pain/ injuries or creating programs for athletes to reach the next level in their sports of choice, Tiff brings a level of expertise and experience of a top tier coach.

Follow her on instagram @tifftherealtrainer and @realresultswithtiff.