Deadweight Strength

Death of Gym Culture, Birth of a Training Center

San Diego Powerlifting and Strongman Gym

This is an unstaffed 24 hour access facility.  An appointment is required for all drop-ins.

Deadweight Strength is your liberation from mediocre training in San Diego.  A stronghold of serious lifters who are seeking refuge from fitness zombies across the city.  Built for those who were exiled from commercial gyms but don't belong in a “box.” 

“Give me your powerlifters, your strongmen, your huddled masses yearning to lift free.” 

Strongman Programming Week of 5/2/2016


Day 1

Deadlift – Work up to a heavy x5 @RPE9.  Back off 10% pull doubles on the minute until RPE9

 Overhead Press – Work Up to best x3 @RPE9.  At that weight, complete AMSAP of x1.



·                  Arms

·                  Core


Day 2

Push Press – Behind the neck Jerk. Work up to a best single.

 Squat Variation – High Bar. Starting at 40% and adding 10% each set, complete as many sets of 8 as possiable.



·                  Front Loaded Carry 100’ x4-6 (speed)

·                  Reverse Hyper x75+

·                  Dumbbell Shoulders and Back pump

·                  Arms


Day 3


·                  Overhead

·                  Moving

·                  Medley

·                  Medley

·                  Medley