Deadweight Strength

Death of Gym Culture, Birth of a Training Center

San Diego Powerlifting and Strongman Gym

This is an unstaffed 24 hour access facility.  An appointment is required for all drop-ins.

Deadweight Strength is your liberation from mediocre training in San Diego.  A stronghold of serious lifters who are seeking refuge from fitness zombies across the city.  Built for those who were exiled from commercial gyms but don't belong in a “box.” 

“Give me your powerlifters, your strongmen, your huddled masses yearning to lift free.” 

Inland Empire Open

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Inland Empire Open

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Meet Director: Jim Kerns


USPA Membership is required:


USPA Rulebook:


Registration Deadline: Nov 25, 2017 ($20 fee for late registration)

Events: Full Power, Bench Only, Deadlift Only

Categories: Raw, Classic Raw, Single Ply

Weigh-in Schedule:

Friday 9am-11 and 5-7pm

No same day weigh-ins. Email me if you have an issue.

Lifting begins at 9am


Refunds are available before the registration deadline minus a 6% service charge.  After the registration deadline no refunds will be given.