Deadweight Strength

Death of Gym Culture, Birth of a Training Center

San Diego Powerlifting and Strongman Gym

This is an unstaffed 24 hour access facility. Memberships run from one day to one year. Drop in members are always welcome. Go to our membership page and sign up online.

Deadweight Strength is your liberation from mediocre training in San Diego. A stronghold of serious lifters who are seeking refuge from fitness zombies across the city. Built for those who were exiled from commercial gyms but don't belong in a “box.”

“Give me your powerlifters, your strongmen, your huddled masses yearning to lift free.”

 Assisted Stretch Therapy

Assisted stretch therapy is a form of myofascial release that helps improve range of motion, flexibility, circulation, recovery, reduces muscle tension/pain, and the risk of injury. For competing athletes this is crucial part of the programming to ensure proper range of motion in order to perform certain lifts. Stretch sessions can be done before or after your workouts. Please call Tiffany @ 804-400-7166 to schedule an assessment and movement screening to ensure you get the best treatment for your needs. The overall cost of treatment will always include the membership rate. Online purchase options will be available soon.