Deadweight Strength

Death of Gym Culture, Birth of a Training Center

San Diego Powerlifting and Strongman Gym

This is an unstaffed 24 hour access facility. An appointment is required for all drop-ins and inquiries.

Deadweight Strength is your liberation from mediocre training in San Diego. A stronghold of serious lifters who are seeking refuge from fitness zombies across the city. Built for those who were exiled from commercial gyms but don't belong in a “box.”

“Give me your powerlifters, your strongmen, your huddled masses yearning to lift free.”


Deadweight Strength was founded as the product of passion and necessity.  Powerlifters, strongmen, and other strength training enthusiasts in San Diego were once left with few options when seeking a facility in which to train.  Commercial gyms offer cheap rates with low quality equipment and are subject to overcrowding by clueless masses of fitness enthusiasts.  Crossfit gyms charge exorbitant rates, offer decent quality equipment, and, like commercial gyms, are also subject to overcrowding by clueless masses of fitness enthusiasts.  Neither of these training environments are optimal for the dedicated strength athlete. 

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Jim Kerns, the owner of Deadweight Strength, is a local lifter and competitor who grew tired of training in the sub-optimal environments that San Diego once offered.  Seeking to fill a much needed niche in the San Diego strength and conditioning community, Deadweight Strength was established and built from the ground up with the serious lifter and competitor in mind.  Devoted iron fanatics of San Diego now have access to a premier training facility that is stocked with competition-grade equipment, staffed by coaches with years of competitive experience, and filled with like-minded individuals who are committed to the advancement of strength.  

All of our racks have been custom fabricated by a local veteran who works closely with us to ensure they meet the quality that is expected of this facility.


Each lift is performed on a dedicated lifting platform, providing the lifter with an area that is free of obstructions.

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Texas Squat, Power, and Deadlift Bars along with a few specialty training bars.


Over 6,000 lbs of Ivanko OM Series plates.  More weight than a Cuban drug lord.